The Oguzkhan Türkmenfilm Association of the State Committee for Television and Cinematography has a special and enjoyable treat for movies fans. The idea itself is certainly interesting. Movies of previous and recent years where our capital serves as a beautiful backdrop have been selected for screening.

Ahead of the holiday, viewing audiences will have the chance to reconnect with their beloved movie characters. The selected eleven movies with compelling story plots will offer some once again (while others for the first time) to get glimpses of Ashgabat captured on film in different time periods. They were produced in the period from 1958 to the present day.

The oldest movie on offer will be ‘The First Exam’ directed by Khangeldi Agakhanov and Pavel Syrov. It portrays a schoolboy named Oraz, who dreams of becoming an artist and has to deal with hypocrisy, excessive formalism, and callous indifference. The truly gifted boy is an inspiring example of how to keep pursuing one’s chosen path despite difficulties. Young Oraz develops his artistic talent, relying on his kind teacher’s experience and support.

It is no coincidence that the organizers have chosen the movie for the Week. We will be forever thankful to the talented camera operator, Honored Art Worker of Turkmenistan Anatoly Karpukhin, who left us the street scenes of old Ashgabat caught on camera in his movies, including ‘The First Exam’. Watching this movie again, members of the older generation will remember with a certain wistful nostalgia the houses, buildings, and streets filmed by the camera operator in the late 1960s. A. Karpukhin caught on camera plenty of panoramic views of Ashgabat as it appeared at that time.

Audiences will see no less interesting locations of the capital in a wonderful comedy ‘Tight-Lipped Daughter-in-Law’ directed by Setdar Garajaev. The movie will bring back fond memories for older people. A classic Volga Gaz 24 (a Soviet car brand) is a rare sight in Ashgabat today. S. Garajaev’s movie features these cars in a wedding procession, transporting the bride to a collective farm, where the groom lives.

The movie takes the viewer back to those green and cozy streets of Ashgabat filmed by the talented camera operator and director Usman Saparov. Hopefully, the beautiful scenes will be appealing to contemporary audiences as well.

Movie lovers will be delighted to watch a movie called ‘Galkynysh’ directed by Vepa Ishankuliev. It revolves around the lives and work of members of the Galkynysh National Equestrian Group. Viewers will have the chance to really appreciate the successful work by the camera operator Remezan Khakimov, who captured Ashgabat, the city that has changed beyond recognition, in all its beauty.

Movies of recent years are set in modern-day Ashgabat. Scenes shot by operators magnificently convey the architectural splendor of our white marble-clad capital.

Without the slightest doubt, the retrospective movie screenings during the Week that will take place for the first time in this format at the Ashgabat Cinema from May 10 to May 16, as well as meetings with the filmmakers will be notable additions to the program of events devoted to our beloved city.