Turkmenistan citizens have met New Year, which started, having given belief for a better future to the world, with the best hopes.

2020 has remained in the history of Turkmenistan as the year of the 25th anniversary of permanent neutrality of our sovereign state while 2021 would be held under slogan “Turkmenistan – Home of Peace and Trust”, which was approved by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

“This year was hard and difficult”, - Turkmen leader ,having briefly summed up the outcomes of the last year at the joint session of the Cabinet of Ministers and State Security Council on December 30.

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov has noted that despite the coronavirus pandemic, which has spread around the world and caused the fall of the global economy, closing of borders of all states, reduction of business contacts, Turkmenistan has preserved its foreign and economic activity, big volume of works has been carried out and immediate objectives have been solved in the country.

Preventive measures that have been undertaken on the country taking care of the health of the nation on the background of worrying situation related to the pandemic in the region and the whole world, did not allow organizing mass public celebration events last year. Nevertheless, the country has thoroughly prepared to the celebration of New Year, although in different format.

Our capital has been decorated with bright illumination, which covered streets, parks and squares with openwork of million lights to make good mood for people. Turkmen TV and radio channels have prepared celebration programs and online children celebration.

The square in front of the Älem Cultrual and Entertainment Center with the Main New Year tree of the country has become the center of the main New Year celebrations.

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov has come to this place few days ago with his granddaughters, members of the Government have also visited the main New Year tree with their children.

Snow, which has fallen few days before New Year and remained through all this time, having decorated the Kopetdag foothills with white cover and dressed evergreen trees and shrubs in the capital in white hats, was an unusual present from the nature.

It is considered to be a good sign among the people, which promise success and prosperity. Experienced farmers note that snow in the time means high yields of wheat and other agricultural crops in New Year. It was also a great gift for the children, who hurry to play snowballs and make snowmen!

Electrical snowfall has lit up the square in front of Älem Cultural and Entertainment Center, which was glimmering in New Year eve with precious necklace and shine of light garlands.

Decorators put a lot of efforts and created magic winter garden where neon decorations make the atmosphere of miracle. The role of the alleys is played by tunnel light constructions wrapped in shining tinsel and fairy tale characters and mascot of the year – the joyfully bullock, play the role of celebration entourage of the New Year tree decorated with bright toys and colorful lights.

Music performance with participation of popular singers, recognized masters and new celebrities, who pleased the audience with artistic dedications to New Year, has expanded at the stage built at the square. Rhythmic vocal and choreographic compositions, lyric and stirring songs have been performed by the artists.

On behalf of all Turkmen citizens, the masters of ceremony have addressed congratulations on New Year, the Year “Turkmenistan – Home of Peace and Trust”, wishes of happiness, health, longevity, success in achievement of great goals for the prosperity of the Motherland and wealth of native people to President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

Further, the hosts announce on the beginning of traditional video conference, which connects Turkmen capital with administrative centers of the regions this night.

The button of live broadcasting has united the residents of all regions of the country and Ashgabat, having shared the joy of the favorite celebration with each other.

Head of the region, honored elder and representative of younger generation as well as artists have addressed the greeting to the Head of the State and the capital from each region. First, Ahal Region connects to the video conference – the congratulations and poetic wishes are followed celebration concert performance prepare on this occasion.

After, Balkan Region comes to live broadcast. Having conveyed the congratulation on behalf of the residents of sea region, its representative demonstrated their artistic dedication.

Further, Dashoguz Region, which is also rich with original traditions in music art, has demonstrated them in celebration performance after congratulations and wishes.

Video conference has been continued by Lebap Region. Which representatives have congratulated fellow countrymen and Leader of the Nation Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov on New Year while the artists of region has presented song and dance composition.

It comes the turn of Mary Region and congratulations, good wishes, poems and music have been demonstrated on behalf of its residents in online mode from the monitor.

New Year video conference has been finished by the capital of independent neutral Turkmenistan – the representative of Ashgabat, its elder and younger generation as well as the members of the government, who have gathered at the square in front of Älem Cultural and Entertainment Center, wished happiness and wealth to all fellow countrymen in all cities and villages. They are supported by popular artists and dance collectives.

Summing up New Year greetings of the residents of the regions and capital, the hosts outlined the main idea of all wishes – let Turkmenistan be prosperous forever, let international authority of the Motherland become higher, let the people live in peace and harmony, with inspiration and creative energy.

Deep gratitude has been expressed on behalf of all Turkmenistan citizens to President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov for selfless service to the Motherland and people. It is no doubt that our country will continue its glorious chronicle with new achievements and success under the leadership of the Head of the State in 2021, which is marked with the 30th anniversary of independence and under slogan “Turkmenistan – Home of Peace and Trust”.

The culmination comes during video conference and all eyes stare at the monitors – President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov addresses New Year speech to the people of Turkmenistan.

The participants of the event in the capital and regions and millions of viewers listen to the speech of the Leader of the Nation with great attention. The feeling of big pride of the Motherland, which moves toward happy future, unites al Turkmenistan citizens in these minutes.

Cordially congratulating the fellow countrymen on New Year 2021, which is the year of bull according to Chinese calendar, the Head of the State has noted that Turkmen people think of a cow as one of the famous animals, which feed the people. Therefore, the year of bull has to bring benefits.

The President of the country has outlined the main milestones of the last year, having briefly highlighted all spheres of activity of the country, and gave intensive evaluation to the outcomes of home and foreign policy, with which we meet New Year.

Finishing his speech, Leader of the Nation Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov said: “Let New Year be the Year of Peace, prosperity, big success and abundance for the planet!”

After few moment, the arms of clock have meet at the top of the clocks.

The National Anthem of Turkmenistan is played.

Bursts of celebration fireworks have sounded in the next seconds. New Year has entered our life under celebration firework of celebration light show, which scattered bright fire sparks in dark sky above the capital.

The concert of popular singers, which has been broadcasted on all TV channels enhancing celebration feeling of viewers, was held after the celebration at the main stage of the capital.