The D. Azadi Turkmen National Institute of World Languages and the Institute of Telecommunications and Informatics of Turkmenistan (ITIT) have jointly organized Open Door Days. As part of the Strategy for Improving Foreign Language Teaching, the two-day event with an activity-packed and informative program was held to mark 25 years of Turkmenistan’s neutrality.

On the first day, the capital’s Institute of World Languages hosted a delegation of ITIT teachers and students and conducted a series of cultural and educational meetings.

Students of the two higher education institutions enthusiastically participated in an English-language intellectual competition entitled “Interesting Things to Know”, and demonstrated their knowledge of the language, quick-wittedness and acumen. A training workshop on improving language teaching methods offered ITIT teachers some helpful insights. Organized by the Institute of World Languages, an exhibition took all the participants on a journey through architectural landmarks of Great Britain.

On the second day, teachers and students of the Institute of World Languages visited the Institute of Telecommunications and Informatics. The guests attended open lessons in foreign languages: German, English and Russian. Students of the two institutions took part in an exciting Brain Ring intellectual contest, during which they answered questions about neutrality of Turkmenistan in English.

The guests were familiarized with the Internet portal and shown videos about the teaching and learning of foreign languages at the Institute. They also visited the electronic library, which boasts a wealth of foreign language resources. An exhibition arranged by young scientists of the Institute’s Innovation Center delighted the visitors. It showcased students’ achievements and innovative projects in the Institute’s main areas of specialization: telecommunications and information technology.

During a round-table meeting, teachers of the two higher education institutions focused on various issues of teaching grammar and vocabulary, speaking and writing practice, teaching methods, and ways of improving the effectiveness of foreign language learning.

On the whole, the meeting turned out to be very productive and insightful for both hosts and guests and allowed them to exchange their expertise and opinions, to discuss foreign language learning difficulties and teaching strategies to cope with them, and to get a considerable amount of useful information. Gala concerts given at the Institutes brought the Open Door Days to a spectacular close. All those who actively participated in the event received commemorative gifts.