The President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov has looked around equipment from the world famous John Deere, which came to our country on the threshold of the cotton harvest campaign, as well as made a working tour around the capital at the request of Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers Sh. Durdiliyev, having inspected the situation at number of urban construction sites and projects of facilities planned to be built.

In the morning, Turkmen leader has been met at the place where the above-mentioned cotton harvesters were displayed by Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers E. Orazgeldieyv, who is in charge of agricultural complex, and Minister of Agriculture and Natural Protection M. Bayramdurdiyev. The Vice-premier has reported on the information about new agricultural equipment.

Technical and technological modernization of agricultural complex is one of the main directions of major reforms aimed at improvement of competiveness of the sphere, provision of food abundance, stimulation of processing sphere with target of production of high-quality goods and on increment of production potential of the country in general.

Today, these objectives are solved on fundamentally new innovative basis taking into account the Concept of development of digital economy in Turkmenistan adopted by the Head of the State and course to industrialization.

In this regard, it is worth to remind that during the visit to USA for participation in the 73rd session of the United Nations General Assembly in autumn 2018, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov has received head of American company John Deer, Marc Von Pentz, President of Agricultural and Turf Equipment for Europe, CIS, Asia and Africa

During the meeting, the sides had interested exchange of views on condition and perspectives of bilateral cooperation. Turkmen leader noted the necessity to take into account social and climate conditions of our country while manufacturing grain and cotton harvesters, having focused on working parameters of this equipment.

Looking around new cotton harvesters, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov has focused on the necessity of their efficient use in order to hold the campaign on organized level and to collect produced cotton without any loss.

By the way, John Deere is one of reliable and old partners of Turkmen agrarians. World famous American company is presented on local market for more than 25 years. Around 8,000 units of various agricultural equipment of this brand have been supplied to our country for the period of cooperation.

In this context, it is worth to mention that all models of agricultural equipment, which came to Turkmenistan, undergo mandatory testing for compliance with local soil and climate conditions.

Previously this year, new models of agricultural equipment from John Deere have come to Turkmenistan. It includes seeders and tractors equipment with digital electronic control system, which have recommended themselves well at the fields of our country. In particular, mechanized works in agricultural complex using advanced technologies and telematics give opportunity to cultivate the soil with the most precise method.

It is worth reminding that last year, memorandum of Understanding has been signed at the request of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov between the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Protection of Turkmenistan and John Deere Walldorf GmbH & Co. KG on installation of digital electronic control system on agricultural machines and equipment in agricultural sphere in 2020 – 2030.

According to the document, high-productive specialized John Deer and CLAAS equipment, which was bought by our country, would be provided with telematics systems in the next few years. This system allows tracking the vehicles, in particular their location, fuel consumption, actual working time, loads and many other parameters direct from the office as well as from any other place with internet access of from mobile phone.

Based on relative Resolution of the President of Turkmenistan, 600 units of new equipment have been shipped to the country in two shipments. Thus, 300 cotton harvesters were received last year and distributed among the regions. Other 300 units of the above-mentioned equipment have come to the beginning of current cotton harvest campaign.

4-row 9970 John Deere cotton picker is a modern model equipped with 250 hp engine, distinguished with reliance in operation. Its production capacity is 12 hectares in average in 10 hours of work, the tank capacity is 4 tons. Previously back in 2017 – 2018, 400 units of similar pickers have been delivered to our country.

It is remarkable that John Deere equipment is also bought by representatives of private business on the credit received from the bank. Relative Resolution for provision of state financial support to entrepreneurs was signed by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov in January this year.

In general, technical rearmament of agricultural complex, implementation of advanced technologies, digital systems of precise farming proving high efficiency of agrarian production are to support successful fulfilment of objectives of economic development of the regions and improvement of wealth of the population.

Noting the necessity to continue paying close attention to technical modernization of and digitization of agricultural complex of the country, introduction of advanced technologies providing high efficiency of production, the President of Turkmenistan gave number of certain assignments to relative officials.

After, the Head of the state went to the northern part of the capital to inspect construction works at the complex of facilities.

On his way, Head of the State Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov has called in international airport of the capital, which is the biggest one in the region and one of the most advanced in the world by technical provision. It has all capabilities for flights to various directions and comfortable conditions for passengers.

Equipment and facility base of the airport and national civil aviation in general is strengthened on systematic basis. The government provides all necessary support to work of Türkmenhowaýollary Agency, which fleet is regularly supplemented with the world famous Boeing aircrafts.

Programme measures for provision of coordinated activity of all structures of the airport, introduction of new technologies and advanced international practice, which play an important role in activation of cooperation with foreign partners, expansion of potential of transport complex as significant sector of national economy, are also implemented.

Director of Türkmenhowaýollary Agency has reported to President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov on results of works, fulfilment of set objectives as well as on measures for improvement of qualification of specialists of the industry.

The Head of the State has noted that civil aviation has an important place in comprehensive development of Turkmenistan and strengthening of national economy. In this regard, strict fulfilment of objectives given to Türkmenhowaýollary Agency, which follow from the Programme of social and economic development of the country in 2019 – 2025, performance of work according to time requirements are the main requirements.

Speaking of this, the President of Turkmenistan has stated that despite comprehensive including financial support from the government and tax benefits, the activity in the sphere of air communications of the country does not meet modern requirements.

Having expressed discontent with such situation, the Head of the State has reprimanded Chairman of Türkmenhowaýollary Agency D. Saburov for deficiencies admitted in his work, unsatisfactory performance of his duties with the last warning to correct admitted deficiencies as soon as possible.

After, the President has come to the intersection of A. Niyazov Avenue and H. A. Yasavi Street. Upon arrival, Turkmen leader was met by Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers Sh. Durdiliyev and Mayor of Ashgabat. The Vice-premier reported to the President of the country about situation at construction sites, features of decoration as well as on the projects of new facilities.

Turkmen leader has inspected construction works carried out in this part of the capital, level of development of roads, green zones, street light system.

Issues related with comprehensive development of Ashgabat are always under attention of the Head of the State. At present time, construction of Garagum Hotel is continued at high rates and construction of the Art Centre is at the final stage.

By the way, opening ceremony of specialized educational school no. 21, which is provided with modern technologies, has been held in this place on the Day of Knowledge and Students.

Location and samples of interior decoration of underpasses, which construction is planned at the intersection of A. Niyazov Avenue and H. A. Yasavi, projects of public garden, Shopping and Entertainment Centre, Art Centre, administrative and shopping facilities have been presented to President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov for review.

Project and location of Multiprofile Art Centre for 10,000 seats, which is planned to be built in this part of Ashgabat, have also been prepared.

Speaking of its provision, the Head of the State has focused on making of all necessary conditions for organization of various public events including international concerts and music performances.

It has become a good tradition to hold concert with participation of famous popular singers and artists in Turkmenistan in the years of Independence. In this context, the Head of the State has ordered to find a place of Multi-profile Art Centre in one of picturesque places of the capital and to announce international tender for construction of the facility.

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov has noted that new Centre has to have all capabilities for organization of final concerts of «Garaşsyzlygyň merjen däneleri» talented children contest, «Ýaňlan Diýarym!» and «Ýylyň parlak ýyldyzy» young popular singer reviews, which are held under «Türkmen Altyn asyry» art contest. The Head of the State has also given specific instructions related to opening of record and music studio provided with modern equipment in the Centre.

Having looked around the projects, their architectural and design solutions, the President of Turkmenistan has made number of remarks and corrections.

Having ordered to hold the situation at construction sites under permanent control, the President noted that local natural conditions and ecological aspects have to be taken into account during developing of the projects.

After, the Head of the State has visited the Art Centre, which construction has entered the final stage. Having focused on exterior of the building and its architecture, the President pointed out the necessity of integrated development of surrounding territory and making of all conditions for creativity and development of art abilities of children in the Centre.

During inspection of the Centre, the President expressed interested in provision of halls, especially those which are designated for art and sport activities. Having note that these halls could be used for cultural events if it would be necessary, the Head of the State pointed out that this facility has to meet modern requirements comprehensively.

Continuing the subject, Turkmen leader noted that sections where children and adults would be able to study vocal, music, dance, visual and other arts would be working in new Centre. The sections, which would be working on commercial basis, would have all conditions for the youth to reveal and implement their talents.

It will also have a studio provided with latest equipment. The President has also highlighted that together with education of growing generation on primordial national cultural traditions, it is necessary to pay special attention to labour education.

Therefore, the Centre has to have all necessary conditions for girls to be engaged in sewing, embroidery, other crafts. At the same time, the halls designated for physical culture and sport have to be provided with modern sport equipment and accessories, Turkmen leader noted.

Vice-premier Sh. Durdiliyev has addressed the President asking permission to name new Art Centre as Jahan. Having agreed on the proposal, the Head of the state wished fruitful work to the centre.

Issues of harmonic development of younger generation, receiving modern education are the priorities of the government policy of Turkmenistan, the Head of the State said, having highlighted that Jahan Art Centre is to solve objectives in this sphere.

Having noted the importance of changes in the capital, Head of the State Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov wished success in work to all and left the place of event.