Press release

Press release

“Garlyk” mining and processing plant for the production of potassium fertilizers will be inagurated in Turkmenistanon March 31, 2017

Equipped with the most advanced technologies, this plant will become the flagship of the Turkmen chemical industry and the largest industrial-production complex in the Asian continent. The fact that its construction on one of the largest deposits of potassium salts in the world clearly indicates that Turkmenistan will obtain  one of the leading positions in the world amongst potassium producers and exporters.

In the coming years, along with Canada, Russia and some other countries, our country will have to deal the growing demands of the world’s potassium fertilizer market.

Experts note the high quality of the potassium salts of the Garlyk deposit. According to estimates, the plant's manufacture on many indicators will superceed exsistingforeign counterparts.

Construction of the Garlyk mining and processing plantwas accompanied by the establishment of a large social infrastructure, which includes educational and medical facilities, entertaintment and culture centres. .

ThemostimportantfeatureoftheGarlykminingandprocessingplantisitstransportandlogisticpart. The constructed railway tracks and the road adjacent to the facility, makeitpossibleto carry out direct deliveries of the products to consumers withintheterritoryofTurkmenistan, aswellasabroad.


Puttingintooperationofthislargestproductioncomplexindicates effective implementation of the state strategy adopted few years agoregarding Turkmenistan’s joining the group of industrially developed countries with an advanced innovative and technological foundation.