The Turkmenistan Cinema and Concert Hall has hosted a performance by the Orchestra under Honored Art Worker of Turkmenistan Rovshen Nepesov to celebrate International Women’s Day. A poetic prologue to the concert featured sublime poems by Alexander Pushkin, Bella Akhmadulina, and other distinguished poets, recited by actors Tatiana Ovezmuradova and Igor Annaklychev.

A flowing violin solo played by Bakhram Dolyev in Rovshen Nepesov’s piece ‘With Love to Women’ was truly soul-stirring. Conducted by the composer himself, his musical declaration of love to women received thunderous and prolonged applause from the audience.

Kakajan Khaldurdyev, Honored Artist of Turkmenistan Selbi Annadurdyeva, Umyt Amanov, and Dovran Tokgaev performed well-loved hits of the past years. Kakajan Khaldurdyev, who sang songs from Muslim Magomaev’s repertoire, delighted everyone by his beautiful, velvety baritone voice.

In a series of pieces celebrating mothers, a composition by Rovshen Nepesov dedicated to his mother stood apart from the rest thanks to its emotional intensity. After the composition was played, the composer presented a basket of flowers to his mother, who was present at the event.

A pleasant surprise from the organizers awaited all the women during the festive evening of music, which was followed by a spectacular fashion show put on by designer Oksana Shukul (Myahirli Zenan Fashion House). Eight charming and graceful models demonstrated casual-style and traditional evening attire perfectly complemented by filigree pieces of jewelry crafted by Turkmen zergers (jewelers).

The concert came to a close but neither the performers nor the audience members felt like leaving. Bouquets of flowers, selfies, congratulations, and informal conversations between the musicians and their fans… This is what took place after the performance.

- Do you consider yourself more a composer, a conductor or a pianist? I asked trying not to interrupt the enthusiastic response from the concert-goers.

- Certainly, a composer!

- How many pieces of music have you composed so far?

- I have not counted, but more than a hundred, no doubt…

… Yet, is it right or possible to measure someone’s talent?! All music enthusiasts, including me, hope very much to be treated to new wonderfully expressive and eclectic works by Rovshen Nepesov, as well as original interpretations of classical pieces and adaptations by his Orchestra.